7 Destructive Consequences of Lockdowns

The World Health Organization (WHO) is set to attempt a coup on national sovereignty this year. They are working to accomplish this well-documented goal via a pandemic treaty they've proposed, as well as revisions to their, "International Health Regulations." As such, there isn't a better time to highlight the destruction the WHO directly caused during the Covid era of the past two years.

Here I will focus on just the consequences of lockdowns, since the totality of the damage done by public health departments cannot be contained in a single blog post. If you'd like a full summary, you can find it in my forthcoming book on the topic, Stranger Than Fiction: Corruption and Crimes Against Humanity in the Covid Era. For now, the draconian measures taken were a complete and utter failure, as even Anthony Fauci acknowledged they would be immediately prior to endorsing them:

"... historically when you shut things down it doesn’t have a major effect."

What predictably followed in the Covid era was the most restricted countries seeing no discernable benefit to their actions. In fact, many such countries saw some of the worst outcomes in the entire world. How such measures were taken anyway rests in the institutionalized lack of honesty which poisons organizations like the WHO - organizations which publicly take pride in censorship, monopoly, and informed consent violations.

The truth is not eradicable by an algorithm, however. The following is the truth of the damage caused by the consequences of lockdowns.

1. Violation of basic human rights including:

  • The right to peaceable assembly1
  • The right to free religious worship2
  • The right to free speech and expression3
  • The right to seek redress of government4
  • The right to informed consent

2. An assault on representative government

There has been a willingness among elected leaders to surrender legislative authority/responsibility to public-health bureaucrats, so long as they declare an, “emergency.” As demonstrated in Stranger Than Fiction, these declarations have ranged from dubious to downright deceptive on just about every occasion. Still, despite committing these historical abuses since its inception, the WHO is now encouraging elected representatives to commit treason by signing away national sovereignty whenever they decide it's warranted.

This comes following a whole litany of other power grabs by similar organizations, such as the CDC. Per the Mises Institute, the CDC, operating under the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), asserted jurisdiction over private residential leases nationwide.5 The CDC took this absurd action, for which it has no real authority, in the name of curtailing evictions related to the economic impact of lockdowns it is responsible for encouraging. Not only is this a tremendous perversion of US government authority as a whole by an unelected bureaucracy, but the impact of these eviction moratoriums will continue to have further negative impacts economically on private landowners, who amid skyrocketing home prices will continue to be outbid by large, favored-debtor private companies.

3. The collapse of healthcare

Per a 2021 study by Raman et al. in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), the lockdowns had a, “significant negative,” impact on health and provision of healthcare.6 The study’s multivariable analyses showed that all five dimensions of healthcare provision reviewed (non-affordability, non-accessibility, inadequacy, inappropriateness, and discontinuity of care) were negatively affected. Associated depression and social loneliness were also observed outcomes of the analysis.

One example of the above includes the negative effect of lockdowns on healthcare outcomes of the UK, where a report concluded up to 740,000 potential cancer cases that should have been urgently referred by physicians have been, “missed,” since the first lockdown.7 Another report claimed that official data showed, “one in 10 people in England,” found themselves on waiting lists for various operations, with suspected heart attack victims waiting almost an hour for ambulance care and more than 300,000 patients waiting over a year to receive care.8

4. A further concentration of wealth

Per Federal Reserve estimates, the pandemic response resulted in the permanent closure of roughly an additional 200,000 US establishments compared to normal levels.9

Per the International Labour Organization, workers lost $3.7 trillion in earnings during the pandemic, with women and young people hardest hit by employment losses10. Similarly, Census data shows the number of Americans who now say they can’t afford enough food for themselves or their children is growing, caused by school closings, inflated food prices, and inability of government to fund continued jobless benefits without increasing inflation even more.11

At the same time, per Oxfam, the world’s billionaires made $3.9 trillion during the alleged pandemic.12

5. The rise of totalitarianism

Australia, among other countries, developed camps for concentrating its citizens, referred to as, “quarantine facilities.”13 There is, without question, no benefit this provided whatsoever. It is slavery and is reminiscent of the most evil periods of human history.

Per Human Rights Watch, “Sri Lanka’s police are increasingly killing and abusing people under cover of the Covid-19 pandemic measures.”14 This abuse of power is not isolated to one country, however. Per Amnesty International, at least 60 countries demonstrated documented cases of, “authorities adopting punitive and coercive measures,” which have, “not only resulted in violations of human rights but also divided societies and failed to tackle the health crisis.”15 Cited violations included arbitrary arrests, unlawful use of force, crackdowns on criticism of pandemic response, and torture.

6. The sabotage of future generations

Per analysis by research group Collateral Global, 1.2 million children world-wide could die from disrupted healthcare amid pandemic lockdowns.16 This is more than a quarter of the total deaths worldwide attributed to Covid as of fall 2021, and only addresses the impact of disrupted healthcare on one demographic—namely, children.

Per a 2021 study by Hill et al. in Pediatrics, youths demonstrated higher incidence of suicidal behavior during the 2020 Covid closures than in 2019.17 To be clear, this is a group with effectively no Covid risk whatsoever (412 total deaths attributed to Covid under age 17 from 1/1/20 to 9/1/21 … by comparison, there were 924 pneumonia deaths in the same time period in the same age group).18

Per the American Institute for Economic Research, the increase in youth suicide deaths dramatically outpaced those attributed to Covid.19 A review of CDC mortality data showed a 23% increase in deaths of all causes in the 0-24 age group from 2019 to 2020. And while one might wish to associate this increase with a horrific Covid death toll, Covid-attributed deaths account for only 1.2% of the total deaths in this age group. Based on previously mentioned studies affirming malnutrition, interruption of healthcare, obesity, suicide rates, and depression in this age group, this staggering increase can therefore only be attributed directly to the clearly misguided responses of public health organizations. And to put the death toll in context using a simple calculation:

  • US under 25 population is approximately 30% (slightly higher, per estimates) of the approximately 330M US population. This means there are approximately 99M people in this age bracket.
  • So with a per 100K all-cause death toll rate in 2020 for this age bracket of 131.7, a total year-over-year increase of 23%, minus a Covid-associated rate of 1.2%, this means the incremental increase in death associated with public health malfeasance is 28.7 per 100K
  • Finally, with 99M people in this bracket, at a rate of 28.7 per 100K, this would mean approximately 28,400 children ages 0-24 were lost due to the effects of public health malfeasance of various forms.

Per a 2021 study by Woolford et al. in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), childhood overweight and obesity saw a relative increase of 23.8% during the pandemic, when compared with a reference period.20 According to Mayo Clinic, obesity is a risk factor for serious symptoms of the diseases called, "Covid."21 This implies the actions taken worsened the danger.

7. A mental health crisis

Per the United Nations, drug abuse increased 22% worldwide during pandemic.22 A 2020 study by Silverio-Murillo et al. in the SSRN Electronic Journal also analyzed data from police precincts in several major US cities.23 It found domestic violence increased by 10 to 27 percent during lockdown periods.

The Cost of Lies

Again, lockdowns are just one element of the damage inflicted on the world during the Covid era. There are many more medical, scientific, governmental, economic, and social elements which resulted both in and from the past two years. Putting those elements together can guide us forward on a better, healthier path. It is my hope Stranger Than Fiction will soon be a useful tool in this aim. Until then, local not global health!


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