Linchpin, Husband, Big Brother: Who is William Keagan?

Welcome in for another character bio post of the Civilands series. To what lengths would you go for your family? Is the bond you share unshakable? Today I detail the complex leader of the Keagan Gang, William Keagan!


William Keagan grew up wealthy in the city of New Berkeley thanks to his magnate mobster father, Leonard Keagan. Despite the importance of his family’s name in the city though, his childhood was not pleasant. Along with his younger brothers, Clovis and Daniel, William was mostly neglected by his father.

When his brothers and he came of age, William decided to set out on his own. With the additional help of their cousin Walter, they left the city together and went west the Chorisma River into the Murrieta Territory.

A natural leader, William was able to gather a following along the way. Much like other collectives of Easterners in the territory, his growing posse took the form of a gang. However, he was much better equipped for this role than others, given his upbringing. Starting in the central region of the Territory, in the town of Fayette, William and his brothers first took a hold there behind the muscle of his brother, Clovis.

In Pursuit of Pride

The relationship between William Keagan and his father, Leonard, is what drives his actions. Instead of accepting that Leonard considers his brothers and him not good enough, William uses it as fuel to defy the odds. At all costs he will prove his father wrong, with earning love and pride an even greater motive.

Despite all the bad blood between them, William believes he can overcome it by accomplishing what Leonard’s accomplished. Whether or not his brothers share the sentiment is another story, but it doesn’t matter to him. They’re only further motivation as the outcome is as much or more for them as him.

Of the three brothers, Clovis–the youngest–was treated the worst. Both William and Daniel have always cared dearly for their brother and done everything they could for him. The three were bonded in this way more than most siblings. This bond is why William knows he will secure the fatherly love his brothers and he deserve at all costs . . . and if they can build their own empire in a new world along the way, all the better.

“A time will come when you’ll have to make a choice, William, between the relentless pursuit of your burning passions and your dedication to those who you love the most. Only then will you understand how difficult it is, no matter which path you might choose. Only then will you understand my choice.” ~Leonard Keagan, from book 2 Crystal Eyes

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