The Resourceful Illusionist: Who is Dominic Turner?


As industrialization grew in the eastern cities of Duresia, demand for entertainers shrank. Like many, this shift hit illusionist Dominic Turner hard and prompted him to make a move to the Murrieta Territory. What he was to find there however, would be more impactful than any trick he could perform.

Dominic’s journey into the territory was dangerous and his early days of inhabiting it were lonely. The struggle of not finding work back home was hardly worse than the isolation he felt in the tiny settlements of this massive place. Though he loved the adventure, it all made him feel so small as he went it mostly alone. Devastating winters and intimidating wildlife became harder to adjust to as well without support. Once all other options were exhausted, he had no other choice but to turn to the gangs.

Gangs were expanding quickly in the territory as a means of safety and fraternity for easterners. In the early days of Dominic’s involvement, he was provided just those things. Food, shelter, and regular relationships were no longer luxuries. It was all just starting to feel right when he started noticing a change.

A Day That Doesn’t End

As more gangs formed, so too did rivalries. Dominic’s group was no exception, as its leadership began arming followers. Orders were given to conduct raids he felt he couldn’t refuse in his debt to them. Over time, he started utilizing his resources as an illusionist to steal goods for the gang. This caused his skills to improve significantly. Though he still felt a pit of guilt in his stomach, he couldn’t deny his enjoyment to be doing his craft in any capacity.

The gang soon started expanding in influence thanks to people like Dominic, prompting its leaders to grow more power hungry. One day though, a red line was finally crossed . . .

An order came one morning for Dominic to kill a member of a rival gang–something he’d never had to do. This enemy group was also growing, and went by the surname of the brothers who led them, the Keagans. Whether or not he follows through on the order is answered in the books, so you’ll have to read them to find out! 😉 The event changes him as a person and has a big impact on his development in the series. It is also the subject of the soon-to-come short-story prequel blog post series, An Illusionist’s Tale.

“And from your pain, your fortunes will be awoken. Because what you see here isn’t beyond your own reach or ability. This ‘magic’ as you will see it, it’s drawn only from the magic you provide back to the world.” ~Dominic Turner in Crystal Eyes (Civilands #2)

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