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N.B Austin

*NEW* Crevasse Colossus (Civilands #5)

*NEW* Crevasse Colossus (Civilands #5)

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"Are you prepared for what you might find here? For who you might become?"

The specter of war has been cast over the Murrieta Territory. Come hell or high water, a decade of conflict will find resolution.

The tremendous army Clovis Keagan has amassed moves north now to give its final ultimatum: surrender or die. With the winter's fury also fast approaching, what hope remains for the outnumbered V'ahani?

To the east, a power struggle has broken out in the city of New Berkeley. Who will come out on top? And how will its reverberations be felt throughout the continent?

The final installment of the Civilands series is a non-stop, heart-pounding thrill ride. It ties together the series-long threads of all the characters readers have come to love and/or hate, in as epic a fashion as they've come to deserve. Fasten your seatbelts.


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A new fight for power and control begins now in the Murrieta Territory. Whose side will you take?


The Civilands series is the story of the Murrieta Territory. The novels tie together the adventures of a variety of characters and feature plenty of twists and turns along their paths through this mysterious, chaotic world. Themes of family, justice, religion, grief, and morality make this fiction series what it is.