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N.B Austin

Crimson River (Civilands #1)

Crimson River (Civilands #1)

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From the Editor, Katrina Diaz, Refine Editing:

"Crimson River is a powerful, sweeping fantasy western that centers on the questions of survival, trust, family, betrayal, and power in a wild, untamed land that one gang thinks is theirs for the taking. Little do they know that the very people they seek to destroy and conquer--in fact, the very land itself--intends to fight back. Both its heroes' journeys and its villains' quest for power will surprise readers in unexpected ways. Introducing a rich cast of characters and vivid new world, Crimson River is for any reader that wants to embark on a wilder, richer adventure."


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A new fight for power and control begins now in the Murrieta Territory. Whose side will you take?


The Civilands series is the story of the Murrieta Territory. The novels tie together the adventures of a variety of characters and feature plenty of twists and turns along their paths through this mysterious, chaotic world. Themes of family, justice, religion, grief, and morality make this fiction series what it is.