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N.B Austin

Crystal Eyes (Civilands #2)

Crystal Eyes (Civilands #2)

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From the Editor, Katrina Diaz, Refine Editing:

"N.B. Austin has done it again. In Crystal Eyes, his latest installment in the fantasy western series, Civilands, the thrills are sharper, the twists more shocking, and the characters more engaging than ever before. As we dive further into the world of the Murietta, we witness how power can affect an individual in a myriad of ways. Whether they sing on its poisonous edge, teeter over the abyss of its questionable morality, or grapple with the danger it brings head on, the characters in Austin’s world learn that any victory, small or large, always comes with a price, and power is always easily and unforgivingly corruptible. In Crystal Eyes, the stakes are upped and now everyone is playing the game—whether they want to or not."


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A new fight for power and control begins now in the Murrieta Territory. Whose side will you take?


The Civilands series is the story of the Murrieta Territory. The novels tie together the adventures of a variety of characters and feature plenty of twists and turns along their paths through this mysterious, chaotic world. Themes of family, justice, religion, grief, and morality make this fiction series what it is.